15 brave Mice faced the snow for Charlotte's Cocktails at The Hideout

Charlotte's cocktails were AMAZING! The Hide Out, Cozy and lovely. Enrique? Insightful.

I love this picture :)!

Check for more picture of the night out on Flickr.

Here is the menu Charlotte concocted just for 'Mice at Play'.

“Each cocktail is handcrafted with fine ingredients…..
…….. and a certain nostalgia for the past. Enjoy. “

Particular potions for the Mice at Play

Mice at Play
Adapted from The Savoy Cocktail Book 1930, London
Apricot brandy, grenadine,, fresh lemon, egg whites
shaken hard with Hendrick’s gin

Hotel Nacional

From Havana, 1933. Sailor Jerry spiced rum, apricot brandy,
mixed up with fresh pineapple and lime juices. Served up

Snow Maiden

Delicately beautiful. Hendrick’s shaken with Solerno Blood
Orange Liqueur, maraschino and apple juice.

Hemingway Margarita

Back to Havana for inspiration. Hemingway never actually
drank these but we think he would have liked them.
Milagro silver tequla, pink grapefruit, agave and maraschino

Twinkle Toes
Reyka vodka, pear liqueur and champagne

Christmas Cake Martini

A taste of Christmas, Balvenie, cherries, orgeat, cognac
and a spike of lime.

Mice at Play Encore

(also known as the Rosie Lee)
Hendrick’s, Lychee, rose infused simple syrup,
freshly squeezed lemon juice, aromatic bitters


Real Drama Queens

Ring in the New Year with the first 'Mice at Play' event of 2009: an Acting Workshop with top director George C Heslin

I had this idea about challenging the MICE with a different type of activity. Something creative. Something that would push us outside of our comfort zone and which would make us feel empowered. So I got an idea...

I called George C Heslin, the Artistic Director of critically acclaimed Origin Theatre Company (http://www.origintheatre.org/). This is what we came up with:

George will lead a 3 hour work shop "From Page to Stage", a creative afternoon using varied techniques and theatre games to write our very own play. No writing skills required just be prepared to laugh, skip, dance and role.

About George:

George has been an actor, director and producer for seventeen years. He is a graduate of the Samuel Beckett Centre Trinity College Dublin,The Abbey Theatre Dublin Directors Program and The HB Studio New York where he studied with the legendary Uta Hagen.

Prior to college he was resident stage manager at Dublin’s Gate Theatre where he worked on 11 productions. He spent time in the drama department in RTE Irelands national TV station.

As an actor he recently completed the Broadway national tour of the hit show Stones In His Pockets. In New York he has appeared in many off-Broadway productions including Juno and The Paycock at The Roundabout , The Blowin of Baile Gall Irish Arts Centre and The Colleen Bawn Irish Repertory Theatre (Drama Desk Nomination) and his one man show Misterman (short listed for best actorat the Dublin festival). Regionally he has played at The Kennedy Center, Old Globe San Diego, Pittsburgh Public, Studio Arena Buffalo,
Virginia Stage Company, Penguin Rep, The Caldwell Theatre Florida and Syracuse Stage, to name a few.

London stage appearances include The Kings Head, The Drill Hall and he has played twice on London’s West End with Philadelphia Here I Come and The British Premiere of Elegies.

In Ireland he has worked with almost every theatre company including The Abbey Theatre Ireland’s National Theatre, Druid Theatre Company, The Gate, The Olympia ,Passion Machine, and The Lyric Theatre Belfast.

Film and TV includes The Boxer, De ja Vu, Third Watch and As The World Turns for C.B.S. Feature films include Three Days In Dublin with Gretchen Moll.

When: Sunday January 24th from 2pm to 5pm.

George has assured me that the larger the group the more productive and creative the class will be. So with this in mind, all MICE who recruits a new member to the group will receive a discount.

Mice be daring! Discover your hidden talent and let yourself go!

Please RSVP to me before December 26th at: themiceplay@mac.com.


Cocktail Mice Party

Let's meet at "The Hide Out", Fort Green, Brooklyn on December 16th at 8.30pm. Asio, the bar owner is offering a special deal to the Mice. 2 Cocktails for the price of 1. Charlotte, our expert mixologist will be there to concoct a few amazing drinks. And Enrique a gifted tarot specialist will read our destiny!
See you then!


The Mice cooking!

Thank you to the Mice who dared to challenge their cooking skills! We had a lot of fun and much to eat at Akiko's. I haven't practiced what I learned yet but am willing to if you are up to it. I have a big kitchen! Next thing we have to learn is how to make Sushis, learn about Teas and Sakes.

Here are a few pictures of our Japanese cooking Class with Akiko. A big thank you to A nnabel, a dedicated Mice photographer :), who came on purpose to the 3rd cooking class to take beautiful pictures of our culinary creations. (Forgive me Annabel for mixing my bad pictures to yours...! )

Click here to look at our exploits in the kitchen: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nadiastieglitz/sets/72157610398352643/show/


Fall Events

Dear Mice!

Welcome back after a long and hopefully very relaxing summer. September always seems so crazy with the return to work, school and general chores. With that in mind, it's time to regroup and organize our first event of the fall. We can now focus on having a bit of fun, can't we?

Here are some suggestions for our October-November-December events!

1. Cook like a real Japanese chef- from tsukiji market with Akiko!

Akiko is a former chef at Nobu, Pong (Pichet's Ong's dessert bar) and Hudson yard catering (Danny Meyer's catering). It is a 4hr30 class. I am in the process of negotiating a price but it will be between $70 and $90 including food.

2. Challenge yourself! Be more creative, spontaneous, and confident thanks to Drama!

Drama–especially improvisational types of drama–develop the skills needed for creative thinking. Because drama supports a redemption of the realms of play, imaginativeness, exuberance, and having fun we will be performing drama games. They will help us increase concentration, develop thinking skills and coordinate thought, emotion and action. They will train us in the ability to be creative and spontaneous. This class might start you on a wonderful journey to learn more about how action methods and drama can support growth and change in fascinating -- and even fun -- ways.
Exact contents of class and price to come. (Class taught by George, a professional actor/director and director of Origin Theater.

3. Rock Climbing at Chelsea Piers
Between $39 (1h30mn) and $42 (2hr)

4. Nude Male Model Drawing Class!
This studio course relates the study of the skeleton and the muscles to the male model... Fundamental drawing skills are NOT necessary :)! PREREQUISITE: A basic liking for the male body.


Flying mice

What you were all waiting for: a video of the 10 daring flying mice! Cari, Sara, Corinne, Shawn, Nadine, Nadia, Dorothée, Annabel, Mariella, and Sarah!


Up Up in away in my beautiful... TRAPEZE

Dear daredevil mice,
Pop your attitude sickness pills and be ready to reach some dazzling heights! On June 23rd, we are going to throw caution to the wind (and hopefully only caution!) and push ourselves to new limits. Wear your best underwear and please provide a phone nmber for your nearest and dearest ...
Class: Flying Trapeze - outdoors West St @ Houston
Date: Monday, June 23, 2008
Time: 5:45 pm-7:45 pm
Location: Outdoor Rig on Pier 40, West St at W Houston St, NYC 10014
Directions to your class: http://newyork.trapezeschool.com/about/directions.php?sublocation=nyc1

Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins. Bring socks and snug-fitting workout clothes with you (there is a place to change). Also, please see the FAQ on their website: http://newyork.trapezeschool.com/about/faq.php

Trapeze School New York, LLC
(212) 242-TSNY
email: info@trapezeschool.com
web: http://newyork.trapezeschool.com

11 China Girls

Eleven China MICE went to Chinatown to explore their creative photographic skills. What a wonderful MICE evening it was: empowering, stimulating, fun and adventurous. It is exactly what the mice stands for.
The Mice will be posting our photos in the next few days. In the meantime here is my 'batch' of photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nadiastieglitz/sets/72157605616357441/show/.


13 Million dollar babies

Dear, dear MICE!
Two weeks have passed since the Mice Boxing Night. And what a night! We all got to punch Lee's boxing champions and one of us got KO. (Guess who?!). We then ended up around a Korean grill and devoured delicious food. I don't know about you boxing MICE, but my muscles were aching for a few days. Antje and Carmen were sick (yeah yeah yeah, I think they chickened out when they saw our big muscles :)].
Sarah who is 5 months pregnant took some pictures of our exploits (Thank you Sarah!). It's all in this album:



Yes! Fourteen angry mice!

Lee said that if we want to go inside the ring and punch the sh@%&! out of his champions we had to wear of mouth guard. How many of us will buy one? I take the bets. I'll bring my night guard. At least it will serve once. I paid 800 dollars for it (It must be made of gold) to never wear it. The day I got it I asked my dentist how he could even conceive a French girl wearing this horror at night time. "C'est un tue l'amour, doctor!".

See you all on Friday at 6.40pm sharp.

Eleven GRACIOUS flying MICE

11 flying MICE will de defying the laws of gravity on June 23rd, at the TRAPEZE Scholl of NYC on Houston street. Want to come? Write to me.
PS: the lady on the pix? It's me!


The best speakers at our MICE event

I am very proud to point out that our guest speaker at our inaugural MICE event, Charlotte Voisey is becoming quite a celebrity. Enclosed are two articles in the New York Press (TIME OUT and Page 6 from The New York Post) highlighting Charlotte's expertise.

Looking forward to have our asses kicked out at our boxing event!!!

If anybody would like to nominate a guest speaker/host at a future mice event, please feel free to submit your suggestion. We are always looking for great events, great ideas.


May 16th, Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar, 9pm

I've just booked for 15 MICE, "Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar", a 4 star rating Korean restaurant, located at 17 E. 32nd Street New York, NY 10079, (212) 683-2200, for 9pm.


Scouting Chinatown

Dorothée, Annabel and I wandered around Chinatown last Thursday to organize our photography event on June 11th. We'll meet up at 6.15pm in a tea parlor (Green Tea).

We've booked Joe Shanghai Dim Sum restaurant, for 9pm which should leave us about 1hr30 to walk around the neighborhood and practise our photographic skills.

Here are some of Dorothée's shots that she captured during our scouting trip. Can we do as well? The challenge is open!


10 intrepid boxers

1. Pamela
2. Jane
3. Johanne
4. Dianne
5. Antje
6. Cari
7. Nadia
8. Julie
9. Carmen
10. Suzie
11. Stacie
12. Pending.... Dounia. Allez Dounia!

Wish us good luck! Our exploits will be document virtually the following day.

For those of you who want to meet us at 9pm for a Korean restaurant, send me an email.


Dear Daredevil MICE, the winner is...

Prologue (!) Do not forget that the idea of THE MICE is also about daring ourselves to do stuff we never would otherwise! It is not about competition. It's about challenging ourselves while having fun.

There is a virtual tie between Trapeze and Boxing. And, many also liked the idea of Rock Climbing! So, here is what I propose:


The event will be conducted by the charismatic Lee SHABAKA, trainer of several female boxing champions.

For our event, Lee suggests the Kingsway Boxing Gym (http://www.kingswaygym.com/) at the corner of 28th street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. We will have this small, intimate space to ourselves so we can feel very comfortable discovering our inner boxer!

The actual workout will be about 1 1/2 hrs. The idea would be for Lee to put us through a female boxing workout with one of his champions there to help demonstrate and inspire. You will learn to do all the things that his fighters do in training. And, don't worry if you've never boxed--the teachers can work with you regardless of your conditioning level.

Lee also suggested that two of his boxers put on a sparring session for us. And, for those who want to get in the ring, you will have the opportunity with one of his experienced female fighters. The boxer will work defense to give you a feel of how difficult it would be to hit a seasoned fighter. After training we will have a Q&A segment.

The event will take place on Friday, May 16th from 7-8:30pm. The price with a minimum of 10 participants, will be $40 per person. For less than 10 MICE, the price would go up to $45. For now we are about 7 wannabe boxing MICE. We need more. Would any of the trapeze and rock climbing MICE like to try their hand at boxing? Or would any of you like to invite new MICE? It will be an awesome event.

After our hard workout, we will refuel at a nearby Korean BBQ.

RSVP ASAP so I can secure the gym and Lee. Write to me now at: the miceplay@mac.com.


The '"Sex & the City" episode "The Catch" has generated unprecedented interest in the flying trapeze all over the country. The LA Times reports that Sarah Jessica Parker's 2003 flight on the Trapeze School New York (TSNY) rig is credited for the surging interest in this sport. In this episode, Charlotte says (about trapeze): "I could never! I have the most terrible fear of heights!" Carrie replies "Well, I do not... you've seen my shoes."

I got in touch with TSNY, the outdoor trapeze school on the West Side Highway. It will be $57 per person for a group of 10 or fewer. If we are 10, we will have our own group and teacher.

I suggest we hold this event in late June as it will be warmer and there will be less chance of rain. I propose Thursday, June 26th, from 6-8pm to see the sunset while flying.

Now that you know the date, how many of you are interested? I need to schedule this event fast as the venue gets booked up very quickly. Write to me now at: the miceplay@mac.com.


Rock climbing may have come in 3rd place, but many still expressed an interest. Personally, I think it is a wonderful sport to try. Women ten to be very skilled at it from the beginning because they do not rely on strength alone to get them up the rock. Rather, women rely on agility, flexibility, core-strength, and strategic placement of their hands and feet for support.

The event will take place at Chelsea Piers. It can be anytime really since it's indoors. For a group of 6-10, it will cost $42 per person. The wall has 14 different routes and can accommodate up to 30 guests. Our group may share the wall with other groups, but we will have our own private instructor. The ratio of staff to participants is 1:7.

I am happy to organize the event anytime as long as we are a minimum of 7 MICE. I am thinking of doing it sometime in late August. Anyone interested? Write to me at: the miceplay@mac.com.



Being playful lately? Has the cat been sleeping early at night? Have you gone in search of cheese?

THE MICE blog is looking for authors on topics such as: movies, books, plays, bars, hotels, shopping, week ends, and more... Please feel free to share your discoveries so that the MICE can continue to play! We are looking for fun, creative and informative content.

Please submit any article or reviews to me at: the miceplay@mac.com.

If you do submit an idea, can you please rate it according to your experience. The ranking is as follows:
5 Cheeses is 'out of this world'
4 Cheeses is 'outstanding'
3 Cheeses is 'very good'
2 Cheese is 'good'
1 Cheese is 'fair'.

On the flip side, if you've had a horrendous experience while playing, feel free to offer up the dreaded Mouse Trap as a review.

Which Mission Impossible? Rock climbing? Trapeze? or Boxing?

Hy Mice,
The sport with the highest number of votes will become our May event. I will keep you posted on the winner.


Trip to Chinatown: Uncover your photographic talent

On June 11th, 2008, explore your photographic hidden talent with Annabel and Dorothée, two gifted photographers from the "belathée" agency.

Before going out in teams to shoot the streets of Chinatown, Annabel and Dorothée will teach us a few tricks of the trade. Everyone will feel comfortable exploring their own cameras for a few hours and will even brave taking the setting off "Automatic"!

Backup plan for bad weather: Pack your umbrellas! We'll still go on our artistic trip, the rain will bring a unique atmosphere to our photographs.

We'll meet at 6pm. They'll instruct, then we'll head out, and finally meet up again with laptops to download our pictures in a quintessentially Chinese restaurant.

Space is limited. Secure you place by sending me an email.

The Rosie Lee

It was unanimous! The Rosie Lee was our favorite cocktail. Charlotte is giving us the recipe of this exquisite drink so that you can impress your next guests.


In THE MICE hole

Please click Slide Show to see THE MICE at play!

Antje, Judy, Lena and Kim at work

Dear Mice I must say that I laugh very hard at this video. Antje's delivery performance was A+!



For those of you who didn't know me in my late 20's, it all started after I had the first of my three children. My husband, traveled a lot and I soon noticed that I invited girl friends over when he was away and the children were asleep. It was a chance for me to carve out some time for myself. I transformed that opportunity into the possibility to have fun, because, after all when the cat’s away, the mice will play! And so the idea of THE MICE was born.

Over the years, I have captured this freedom from the daily grind informally by planning great events in Paris, London and New York.

This month, on April 17th, 2008, I am excited to launch THE MICE officially in New York and to bring it to the next level by planning an entire year of exciting and unique events for this exclusive, members-only community, just for women.


Shake it Up!

What a better way to celebrate the launch of THE MICE by learning how to make cocktails with one of the best female bartenders in the world?

Learn straight from a master mixologist the art of using seasonal, fresh ingredients to create the most delectable cocktails that embody the perfect taste, texture, and look. It's fun! It's social! What's more, there will even be a playful and exciting challenge to mix your own creative juices. You could be lucky and win $100 to spend in some of the best cocktail lounges in New York. Treat or surprise your friends and neighbors with your signature aperitif and some delicious bar nibbles to start the night off in just the right way. You’ll end up reinventing your Saturday night pot luck dinner.



Charlotte has travelled the world, stunning Aspen, Las Vegas, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico, New Zealand, and New York with her original approach to the art of the cocktail. She has run bars in Barcelona and Buenos Aires but got her career started in London.

Soon after her London bar, Apartment 195, was awarded Bar of the Year (2003), Charlotte went on to win the Best Bartender prize at The UK Bar Awards in 2004. Recent consulting projects include The Dorchester Hotel, London and Ian Schrager's Gramercy Park Hotel, Manhattan. Still competing internationally, Charlotte took silver medal at the World Female Bartender championships in Italy this year.

Trivial details!

Each of THE MICE will be asked for a $25 participation fee.

The event will take place in Sunset Park at 451 37th street in Brooklyn. The nearest subway stop (lines N, R, M and D) is 36th street, a block away from the event location.

Good News! My Cat (the big one) who won't be too far away on April 17th kindly offered to take the Brooklyn Mice back home at the end of the party so that they can enjoy their drinks. Taxis can be booked for the Manhattan Mice.

Please secure your place at this explosive launch event now, with $25 as follows:

By check at 451 37th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232.