Trip to Chinatown: Uncover your photographic talent

On June 11th, 2008, explore your photographic hidden talent with Annabel and Dorothée, two gifted photographers from the "belathée" agency.

Before going out in teams to shoot the streets of Chinatown, Annabel and Dorothée will teach us a few tricks of the trade. Everyone will feel comfortable exploring their own cameras for a few hours and will even brave taking the setting off "Automatic"!

Backup plan for bad weather: Pack your umbrellas! We'll still go on our artistic trip, the rain will bring a unique atmosphere to our photographs.

We'll meet at 6pm. They'll instruct, then we'll head out, and finally meet up again with laptops to download our pictures in a quintessentially Chinese restaurant.

Space is limited. Secure you place by sending me an email.

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