Happy New Year Mice!

Dear Mice,

Happy New Year ! I wish each one of you a year full of
friendship, thrills, creativity, discoveries and adventures! Mice, in
2009, let's cherish our intrepidity and lightness of being!

Since I believe that each event should have the purpose of challenging
or nurturing a side of us, and create wonderful experiences/memories,
I have been coming up with ideas for the 2009 Mice events (see margin). Let me know which
one you like and you are welcome to suggest your ideas.

Mice you have many talents which you must tap into. Don't be
intimidated by doing something that you 'think' you are not good at or
you won't like. Mice at Play is very much about pushing ourselves to
do something new or going outside our comfort zone. Why? Because the
thrill and excitement you'll get from the experience will keep you
"crisp" and upbeat. You'll be amaze at your own accomplishments. As
well as your peers and loved ones. You'll keep a wonderful memory of
it. And you'll share it with new friends. Indeed you'll get all the
support of a united group of nurturing but daring women. The Mice
will give us strength to do things you would not normally do. If one
can do it, why not you?

So Mice, the first event which seems to make a lot of you nervous is
the Acting Class with George C. Heslin, an incredible play director.
Don't be turned off by fear of the stage! There won't be any. We will be
in an acting rehearsal studio, all together, for 3 hours during which
we'll uncover and stimulate a new type of creativity--our acting
ability. It is going to be a lot of fun. And you will be in the right
hands. I saw how in 1 hour he transformed Manon's acting. It was an
amazing transformation. Who knows? You may overcome your fear of
speaking in public, gain confidence, and more.

So Mice, have the courage to challenge yourself. Make space and time
to nurture your creative skills. This is a chance to say YES to George's
acting class on Sunday, January 25th! Reply to me at: themiceplay@mac.com.