The best speakers at our MICE event

I am very proud to point out that our guest speaker at our inaugural MICE event, Charlotte Voisey is becoming quite a celebrity. Enclosed are two articles in the New York Press (TIME OUT and Page 6 from The New York Post) highlighting Charlotte's expertise.

Looking forward to have our asses kicked out at our boxing event!!!

If anybody would like to nominate a guest speaker/host at a future mice event, please feel free to submit your suggestion. We are always looking for great events, great ideas.


May 16th, Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar, 9pm

I've just booked for 15 MICE, "Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar", a 4 star rating Korean restaurant, located at 17 E. 32nd Street New York, NY 10079, (212) 683-2200, for 9pm.


Scouting Chinatown

Dorothée, Annabel and I wandered around Chinatown last Thursday to organize our photography event on June 11th. We'll meet up at 6.15pm in a tea parlor (Green Tea).

We've booked Joe Shanghai Dim Sum restaurant, for 9pm which should leave us about 1hr30 to walk around the neighborhood and practise our photographic skills.

Here are some of Dorothée's shots that she captured during our scouting trip. Can we do as well? The challenge is open!