Haiku Dare

Last night, eleven Mice attended Nicole’s surreal performance. She challenged us to write a Haiku on a color of our choice, and she read it aloud to the crowd.

Mouse Sarah C. chose the color “Silver.” Here is her Haiku (bravo Sarah!):

Bottle tops glisten

Ring in a circle of love
Magpie flies to you

La Souris des Souris wrote about the color Red:

Baisers d’amour fous

Qui battent en chamade
La chanson d’une joie

What the Mice say about the night:
“Dear Chief Mice, Thank you for the opportunity to do something different and exciting! It certainly wasn’t my typical Monday night but I really enjoyed myself. I thought Nicole’s performance was haunting and very beautiful. She seemed so ethereal, wandering around in a wedding gown, playing her transparent accordion – surreal but wonderful. I really relaxed and of course enjoyed chatting to old Mice and meeting new Mice, too.”

For those who want to try their hand at a color Haiku the rule is 5 syllables, 7 and 5. Send it along to info@miceatplay.com!