Cotton Club Dress Up Phototshoot

Mice, Mardi Gras is around the corner—a time to dress-up and role play. We have selected the avant-garde Harlem Renaissance theme (Jazz-era 1920s-1930s) to spark our creativity.

We will travel back in time and up to Harlem to pose in front of Dorothée Brand, one of the talented photographer of Belathée Photography (http://www.belathee.com/). This MaP event is designed to help us reconnect with this youthful past time of dress-up. Our dare: exude the glamour of the era and “work” the camera! ...all the while, sipping delicious cocktails by a premier mixologist, listening to wonderful jazz and lounging in an exquisite apartment once occupied by Josephine Baker!

Arrive on time and our stylists Johanne and Kathy will give a mini-class on make-up and accessorizing. Bring a mirror, your brushes, make-up and vintage accessories.

For those who would like some input with your glamorous look, we would be happy to hook you up to a Mice group shopping adventure.

Important: Some of you have shared with us your desire to have a personal photoshoot sitting. We can accommodate up to 5 Mice. Please contact us for the fee and time slot at miceatplay@gmail.com.

What women were doing in the 20s? Click here.

2010 wishes

Play is the exultation of the possible. --Martin Buber

Dear Mice,

Let PLAY take center stage in 2010!

This year’s Mice at Play program promises novelty, curiosity and high jinks. Together, we’ll explore the limits of our bodies and corners of our minds.

Embrace the new with Mice at Play to discover your multiple talents and passions.

MaP 2010 motto: "Let's play!"

Sara & Nadia

Testimonials from attending daring Mice:

“Sara and Nadia, I just wanted to say thank you for organizing this event. I LOVED it and would never have thought to do it without your inspiration. I am prepared to sign up now for next year. Thank you again. And happy New Year again." Brittan

“I had a great time! Thank you for organizing and working so hard!“ Jane

It was a real thrill, which I was very unsure about to begin with, but am so glad I did it and I ended up having so much fun. Thanks for all the preparation and the enthusiasm. We wouldn't have done it without you! Nor would we have enjoyed it so much. The vodka, hot cocoa, sausage, swim caps and all the other preparation is really appreciated.” Gigi

“Thanks to both of you for organizing us to participate in this euphoric adventure. Anything is possible in 20-10! xoo “ Olga