Being playful lately? Has the cat been sleeping early at night? Have you gone in search of cheese?

THE MICE blog is looking for authors on topics such as: movies, books, plays, bars, hotels, shopping, week ends, and more... Please feel free to share your discoveries so that the MICE can continue to play! We are looking for fun, creative and informative content.

Please submit any article or reviews to me at: the miceplay@mac.com.

If you do submit an idea, can you please rate it according to your experience. The ranking is as follows:
5 Cheeses is 'out of this world'
4 Cheeses is 'outstanding'
3 Cheeses is 'very good'
2 Cheese is 'good'
1 Cheese is 'fair'.

On the flip side, if you've had a horrendous experience while playing, feel free to offer up the dreaded Mouse Trap as a review.

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