The Mice cooking!

Thank you to the Mice who dared to challenge their cooking skills! We had a lot of fun and much to eat at Akiko's. I haven't practiced what I learned yet but am willing to if you are up to it. I have a big kitchen! Next thing we have to learn is how to make Sushis, learn about Teas and Sakes.

Here are a few pictures of our Japanese cooking Class with Akiko. A big thank you to A nnabel, a dedicated Mice photographer :), who came on purpose to the 3rd cooking class to take beautiful pictures of our culinary creations. (Forgive me Annabel for mixing my bad pictures to yours...! )

Click here to look at our exploits in the kitchen: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nadiastieglitz/sets/72157610398352643/show/

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