You may not believe this but, about a week before receiving your invitation, I was in the bathroom primping and admiring myself. My hair was curling just right, the bags under my eyes seemed less visible, and the combination of my outfit and stance hid my belly roll, enhancing my curves. Then I realized that the moment would soon be over and too bad I couldn't just snap a photo and memorialize it. After all, it's nice to have physical reminders of our sexiness and allure (such an aphrodisiac, feeling good about oneself), especially when we run ourselves ragged most of the time. A couple of days later my good friend Miranda was in town from LA where she is a celebrity and fashion photographer. I mentioned this to her, suggesting a boudoir shoot, and even told her about Mice and that maybe it could become an event. She thought it was a great idea. Then I got your invitation! So funny and serendipitous!!"

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